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In terms of what’s new with my research I decided to change what my initial topic was. I initially started out wanting to do something with the power of the digital world. So I wanted to write about how through the digital world, there is unlimited international access to text interpretations and analysis. I then discovered that I was not that excited about the topic even though I am a person that is very interested in analyzing texts and is always looking for new interpretations on texts.

Up until the day of the conferences, I was seeking for a more interesting topic that still included the power of the digital world. Last Tuesday when I was going through my social media apps, I went on Snapchat and stumbled on a marketing advertisement in the new movie, Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg. What intrigued me to want to the advertisement was that it was using key words which I had already encountered from my last informal presentation on video games and emotional aspects found in the digital world which people have not found in the real world. Once I saw the similar connections I definitely felt interest and excitement towards researching the topic. I generally was going to start with researching about the emotional aspect found in the digital world which will be present in the movie then do a general research on emotions found in the digital world and why the digital world intrigues people. I then noticed this was too broad and I wanted to be more specific. I thought back to how I stumbled across the advertisement and why the advertisement happened and it was purely for marketing and they used social media for it.

This is why the current state of my research project is about how marketing has evolved and for what reasons. I am still looking for more research but the keywords that I am using for my research are: media, mediation, intermedia, immersive, online marketing, relating mattering to the Blair Witch Project, game play, gaming, media ecologies. I am also going to start reading the book Ready player one as well as watch the movie. That is all I currently have for my research. (371)

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  1. I know that I am late in posting this, but I just wanted to tell you that I really like your revised final project proposal. I also wanted to share that while I was doing research this weekend, I stumbled across a full-text publication in the MU library system that has current statistics (2017-2018) on Entertainment, Media & Advertising (it is a market research handbook). I don’t know if it would be of help to you or not, but here is a link that you should be able to copy & paste in your:

    In particular, there are two sections that may be of specific interest to you, one on “Market Assessment for Entertainment & Media,” and the other on “Digital Advertising.” For example, I was shocked to learn that over the past six years, U.S. digital advertising spending has nearly doubled from apx. $50 billion to $94 billion! By the way, the handbook also has statistics on social media broken down both by age and by platform. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to seeing how your project develops, both because I find the topic very interesting but also because I’ve never done that type of analysis and am interesting learning more about it.
    PS. Coincidentally, my son went to see Ready Player One at the theater this weekend and really enjoyed it!

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