What’s digital books missing..

Even though I like having an actual book in my hand to read, reading books online is way easier. It is accessible anytime anywhere since we need technology on a daily basis. So, I get to read my online book whenever I want.

Since I’m an international student, I am always on the move. Traveling would be difficult if I had to carry the number of physical books that are in my electronic library. I get the chance to read for hours during my long trips when I travel not only physically but also thoughtfully. When I am trapped in an airport all day, I cannot do daily tasks [routine interrupted]; this perhaps has unconsciously increased my ability to focus on the text word by word and as a whole. More importantly, reading a book on devices goes beyond reading only one book. For instance, I can look up words meaning, quotes, and names which fulfills my curiosity. My thirst for learning the language and enhancing my knowledge can be bound together in reading an electronic book. When I’m reading online, `I don’t need to carry a notebook and a pen; `I can make notes on the electronic book, giving me the flexibility to mark pages, highlight passages, or underline sentences without permanently marking the book. At first, it seems unfortunate for me that devices have replaced books in my hand but once I use them for same purpose I felt less guilty. Besides, electronic books have freed my hand from holding physical books in a time that devices such as computers and smart phones are demanding my daily life. Through these devises I could dive in to massive information in the internet that are related to my interests. Undoubtedly, electronic books or what is called “E-books” not only provided me with accessible facts but it have saved my time searching for them.

I was hesitant to use technology in my earliest academic years yet these reasons have urged me to learn how to use it. I admit, I get really disturbed from the pop ads or apps update. However, despite the technical problems that may accrue, it is still considerably manageable. To be honest, I mostly use electronic version books for academic purposes. Honestly, I do get actual books for my own pleasure specially the classic ones such Frankenstein.

With all the benefits that I get from reading digital books yet reading a physical book is kind of essential for me because it has more intimacy. Books mean more than a book to me because I adore the art in it. And for this reason, I still get a hard copy for my favorite books anyway. With physical books, I feel that the writer is speaking to me directly. But far from my emotions, reading Frankenstein in both ways I have found for the first time what’s in the physical book that I did not find in digital book. First, digital ones are not always accurate. For example, I have found that the audio digital edition is missing the narration of one chapter. Also, most of the digital editions come without footnote which I found very useful on the hard copy. The “word natural philosophy” was defined in the footnote as natural science, also, some of the famous scientists and philosophers that been referred to in the novel that I would not comprehend the novel if I read it only in the digital one. This kind of information probably is not hard to understand for native English speakers but it certainly important to non-native ones.

In the end, I realized that digital books are respectfully satisfying in our contemporary world yet the necessity for physical books are as equally important to those who their intentions are more than reading for pleasure.

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