Guiding Questions:

  1. Did the location originate from its represented country?
  2. Are there any businesses/companies that originated from different parts of the world?
  3. How do modern day objects show an integration of globalization and the importance of exchanging ideas/knowledge?

Location: Lee Highway in Arlington, VA (United States)

Location: 4815 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207

Dimension: Economy & Culture

With the establishment of a cultural grocery store, people are able to buy things from their native country to integrate their own influence into our culture here in Arlington, VA. The Indian A1 Grocery Store, which sells authentic Indian products, also offers a conjoining restaurant where people from diverse cultures are able to eat the food native to that of India. Through these cultural stores, the identity of Arlington further shows the diversity of cultures and ethnicities evident in a large city with a population of 243,965 individuals.


Location: 4831 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207

Dimension: Economy

The Japanese Auto Clinic is a car repair shop whose employees and manager are part of the Asian culture. Through this implementation of this clinic, individuals who may find difficulty in finding jobs are able to work for the Japanese Auto Clinic because of its open-door policy that is so prevalent all throughout its shop from its mechanics, front desk and management team. Additionally, with the presence of Japanese auto brands such as Toyota, Honda and Mazda, it helps to have individuals from that specific country work on cars from their native land.


Location: 2150 N Culpeper St, Arlington, VA 22207

Dimension: Economy & Culture

This picture is of the Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe, a german-owned family business that has been in the US for almost 50 years. The shop owner, originally from Germany, produces baked goods with his german influence evident all throughout. When we walked in, we were immediately greeted with not only employees from different races and ethnicities but also different consumers. The Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe brings a German influence to the Arlington area with its sweet goods, ethnic baked treats and many more. (fun fact: Jonas, one of our group members, is from Heidelberg, Germany!)


Location: N Culpepper St. and 17th Road N Arlington, VA 22207

Dimension: Political

This picture of the Hall’s Hill Wall is a tribute to the tragic events in US History regarding racial segregation. According to a suburban statistics site which collected the demographics of individuals in the Arlington County in 2017-2018, there are around 17,000 African American individuals who currently reside in Arlington. With the establishment of this wall, it shows the progression of politics and history evident in America and can be synonymous to the division of East Germany and West Germany with the Berlin Wall. Through memorials such as this, other countries around the world are discovering the importance of remembering those affected by political turmoil.


Location: 5000 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22207

Dimension: Culture

This picture of the Calloway Methodist Church shows the dimension of culture within globalization. According to their website, the Calloway United Methodist Church prides itself in being a , “…diverse, multicultural church serving the communities of Arlington, Virginia.” With the integration of different churches in the Arlington area, different diversities are able to celebrate their own religion with the same traditions evident in their home country.

Location: Nieuwe Ebbingestraat Groningen, Netherlands


Groningen Planetarium (DOT)

Dimension: Technology

Location: Vrydemalaan 2, 9713 WS Groningen

Similar to the structure of the Arlington Planetarium, this Groningen Planetarium emulates that of the technological architect found in the United States. With its dome shape, the Groningen Planetarium is seen to be similar to that of the Arlington Planetarium. We’ve gone ahead and put the Arlington Planetarium side by side for reference!


The Student Hotel

Dimension: Political & Cultural

This Student Hotel found in Groningen houses international students to aid in their study abroad. With the integration of establishments such as this, the Netherlands provides housing for those outside of the Netherlands, bringing together individuals from all over the world.



Dimension: Economy

Location: Between Nieuwe Ebbingestraat and DOT

The containers pictured above are found to be similar to that of containers used for trade in the United States.



Dimension: Economy & Technology

Location: Between Nieuwe & Oude Ebbingestraat

With the prevalence of trade in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, ships are used to export and import goods from across bodies of water. This supplements the trade industry as well as encourages global trading. Furthermore, the structure of these ships is progressively advanced due to the technological innovations we see today. No longer the prehistoric look of wood and oars, ships have now been produced with steel for a strong foundation and ease in terms of gliding to promote efficiency.




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*all images were taken by members of NUSAL

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