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Here is our final video for the globalization timeline! It’s a little long, but it is what it is! We have quite a few points. Here’s the links to the timeline and the descriptions: Timeline Descriptions

2018-2058 Timeline

December 4, 2018 | 1 Comment Timeline descriptions Global Stock Market created – Global expansion of stock market. The include The United States, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Russia and the EU will be major economic players Global Stock Market Crash – World Wide crash of stock market Global Water Shortage – Many regions in the world will run out of […]

The pictures in Groningen and Arlington show that people migrate from one part of the world to another part of the world for various reasons. For instance, the African restaurant owner migrated from Algeria to the Netherlands, Groningen. I couldn’t find out what his reason for migrating was. People migrate all the time for different […]

  The globalization timeline project definitely tested and improved my group’s international (and local) communication skills. Timezone has played a large factor in our interactions, slightly hindering our availability to skype and live chat with one another. Because Grace, Barbara, and I have to be available in the morning, and Caspar and Natasha have to […]

Globalization Timeline: Further Explanation Definition: Globalization is intertwined with the development of mankind, and is an ongoing, gradual process in which global exchange of technology, economics, cultures, and effects on the environment occurs, resulting in the world becoming smaller and more interconnected. Pre awareness: Pax Romana (17 B.C. – 180 A.D.): This 200-year period saw […]

Team Contract

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Team Game of Phones Contract Code of Ethics:   Understanding: To be open and respectful towards other people’s opinions and ideas Understanding all perspectives, asking for explanations if necessary. To understand that since English is not everyone’s first language, everyone should be welcome to make sure they understand everything at any point of the cooperation. […]

First Impressions

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Personally I have always had difficulty with technology. But this first meeting with my team Game of Phones went pretty well, as far as technology was concerned. We established mediums to use right away and pretty quickly we were talking face to face. The conversation moved fluidly and we started the tasks without a problem. […]

Team 3  Game of Phones   Meeting times: Wednesday 15:30 (NL).   Meeting Times: Wednesday 9:30 (ET)   Mediums: WhatsApp, and Skype.   TEAM CHALLENGE: Start this discussion by sharing your own daily schedule with team mates as well as any travel plans or big life events you have for the coming semester. Come up […]


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Hi Team 3, I think we should start with emailing with each other so how about everyone comment you email or gmail.

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