2018-2058 Timeline

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Timeline descriptions

  1. Global Stock Market created – Global expansion of stock market. The include The United States, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Russia and the EU will be major economic players
  2. Global Stock Market Crash – World Wide crash of stock market
  3. Global Water Shortage – Many regions in the world will run out of water forcing people to mass migrations.
  4. Social media platforms are bigger than ever before – the world becomes more interconnected via social media, and rising tensions between countries and cultures are exacerbated by social media platforms.
  5. The United States withdraws from all international trade relations – Retreat from the U.S. from multilateral negotiations on trade, migration and climate change and several other issues. This is allowing for different countries to claim greater international leadership, such as China and the EU
  6. Peak of global weather disasters – Natural disasters such as Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods will be a daily bread due to the climate change
  7. Largest refugee event in history – due to water shortages, climate change, global weather disasters, and global conflicts, more and more people are forced out of their homes
  8. The US reaches minority-majority status – recent demographic trends in the US have indicated that immigration and interracial marriage are creating a population of minority-majority in the US, further increases cultural tensions
  9. Breakthrough in recycling and disposing
  10. Global Economic depression – Largest Great Depression in the world.
  11. Global temperature has increased by 10℉ – Temperature will rise by at least 10F degrees causing disastrous effects such as complete melting of glaciers, where biodiversity will disappear, or extreme droughts in vulnerable areas of Africa from which people will be migrating in search for water sources.
  12. Peak of income inequality – global economic depression further divides socioeconomic classes, fracturing the unity of society culturally and economically
  13. 10 inch rise is sea levels – Sea levels will rise drastically (at least 10 inches) which will contribute to further erosion of coasts, floods, and disappearing biodiversity
  14. Global pandemic – New global pandemic of a previously unknown virus due to the extremely concentrated livestock caused by increasing population
  15. Robots become the primary workforce, for the todays most common works
  16. World War 3 Scare – Due to the shift in international leadership, the less strong leaders are tensed and want to become strong international leaders. Tension rises among countries
  17. Largest nationalist rally in history – Due to the preceded events worldwide (violence, economical problems and environmental problems) people become more nationalistic. They want to …
  18. Worst hate crime in history –
  19. Self driving cars reach global market (2030)
  20. Oil and natural gas trade ceases – Decrease is trade due to the lack of oil and other non-reusable forms of energy.
  21. ½ of the Amazon forest is gone – Extreme overpopulation of up to 9 billion people will cause depletion of resources, deforestation, massive urbanization, more concentrated livestock, higher air pollution
  22. Exposure to pollution becomes leading cause of death – Extreme air pollution causing diseases and deaths
  23. Last remaining shopping mall closes – due to the expansion of technology, people seldom go shopping, prefering to do it online
  24. Declaration of cyber warfare – Tension has risen between the countries due to tradewars, the lack of oil, etc. The various events led to the beginning of the cyber warfare: the new way of warfare. These wars will be fought with robots and through hacking governmental systems.
  25. Largest rally history in support of the expansion of human rights and the end of prejudice – the world hits a turning point culturally, people begin to strive for unity and tolerance: political figures are reactive to public sentiment
  26. Genetic modification becomes a part of human rights – New international laws about human gene modification
  27. Declaration of universal human rights expanded – more protections and standards are added to the ever-growing list of human rights
  28. More and more countries reevaluate their own economical status.
  29. Vaccine created for global pandemic – New vaccines eradicating viral pandemics
  30. End of global economic depression – Economic world slowly pulls itself out of Depression due to the increase of international trade
  31. International trade stagnates – Major economical countries promote national trade over international trade.
  32. Genetic editing of embryos becomes commonplace – Due to new allowances and protections of genetic modification of humans, research allows for embryo editing possible
  33. Space colonies initiated –
  34. Renewable energy usage becomes more common than nonrenewable energy usage – Prevalence of renewable energy such as solar, wind, or the energy harvested from the currents of the ocean
  35. A majority of the planet becomes vegan/vegetarian – Plant based diet is commonly recommended to avoid viruses spread by industrialized livestock
  36. End of 6th mass extinction due to conservation efforts – global culture has moved towards conservation efforts, resulting in better preservation of the environment and other species
  37. Treaty ends global cyber warfare – The end of the cyberwarfare is near. The warring countries form new treaties
  38. Unjust incarcerations at an all time low – with the end of global cyber warfare, human rights begin to be restored and even expanded, as shown by a decline in incarcerations
  39. Cloning and DNA reconstruction legalized in the name of preservation – Preservation of biodiversity via technological advancement – cloning and DNA reconstruction
  40. Highest ever rates of interracial marriage – as prejudices decline, interracial marriage increases; as a result, culture begin to blend more, and the planet moves towards a common global culture and race
  41. Air restorative breakthrough –
  42. Alternative to the internet –
  43. The last gasoline car is decommissioned – Only electric vehicles
  44. Beatles music becomes public domain – many cultural items of today become public domain, symbolizing a change in culture

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