The pictures in Groningen and Arlington show that people migrate from one part of the world to another part of the world for various reasons. For instance, the African restaurant owner migrated from Algeria to the Netherlands, Groningen. I couldn’t find out what his reason for migrating was. People migrate all the time for different reasons such as fleeing for a war, being prosecuted for several reasons or migrating because of the economy. Without the connections of globalization through the whole world with vehicles (e.g. boats, planes) and the exchange of information, people wouldn’t be able to migrate from one part of the world to another.


I think the process of globalization and migration can be a very positive development. It depends how the receiving country welcomes them and for which reason(s) they decided to migrate. For instance, the boat refugees in the southern part of Europe is definitely not a good development, but you can’t blame the refugees. Those people are fleeing because their lives depend on them and nobody would leave their family behind for a weak reason. Globalization offers people a change to go to a place where they want to be in order to be free from prosecution or something else, everyone can start a new life.


The photo of the pull sign surprised me. Seeing your own language so far from the Netherlands in Arlington on a pull sign was something I definitely didn’t expect. It shows how connected we all are. When traveling it is mostly expected to talk English. That’s why I found it interesting to see a pull sign with various languages (e.g. Dutch).


I think I belong to the global village, because everyone is so interconnected and sometimes you can forget that there even are borders in the world. I’ve got a big international interest and enjoy traveling, that can make me forget about all of the borders. But I feel most at home in Groningen, I believe that is because it is a place where you’re familiar with and where my friends and family live (well almost next to Groningen :p).  


While Gaspar and I were taking photos of the Folkingestraat, we discussed which of the buildings or signs would be good for one of our three guiding questions for the street. Each one of the pictures connects either to the history of the street, international businesses or the use of clean energy. One of us would point out the picture and Gaspar would take the photo. We didn’t really discuss a particular building or sign, since we agreed quickly if a building or sign could be connected to one of our guiding questions.


Everyone in our group contributed with collecting the pictures and to put a caption under the picture.When I wasn’t sure what to add to a caption, the team would help me and if needed I tried to help the other members. So also for this project, I’m happy and satisfied with our teamwork.

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