The globalization timeline project definitely tested and improved my group’s international (and local) communication skills. Timezone has played a large factor in our interactions, slightly hindering our availability to skype and live chat with one another. Because Grace, Barbara, and I have to be available in the morning, and Caspar and Natasha have to be available in the afternoon, our opportunity for talking is limited. All five of us are also really busy with classes, work, and extracurricular activities. We are able to function well in spite of this, however, because of the GroupMe we have set up, allowing us to communicate (with a slight delay) between time zones. Several of us also have strong personalities and opinions, which does effect our ability to work together. If we all work a little more on listening and open-mindedness, we can function much better as a team and as peers.

I think that, overall, communication went very well during this assignment. However, I do think that we could have used the time we did have on Skype and live chats on GroupMe and Google Drive a little more efficiently. This slight change, I believe, would have improved the details on the assignment and changed the overall outcome for the better. This also connects to all us of striving to be a little better at listening and a little more open-minded. I might have looked to organize the workload distribution a little more efficiently, as ours didn’t work quite as well as we had hoped.

In the end, I enjoyed working on this project with Caspar, Natasha, Barbara, and Grace. There were some bumps, but I think we worked together well and I’m satisfied with the final product.

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