First Impressions

September 14, 2018 | Leave a Comment

Personally I have always had difficulty with technology. But this first meeting with my team Game of Phones went pretty well, as far as technology was concerned. We established mediums to use right away and pretty quickly we were talking face to face. The conversation moved fluidly and we started the tasks without a problem. My first impressions of intercultural collaboration are good it was not as hard as I had first expected. I know that we will face more problems as the semester continues, but I think that we are all willing to work together to get through issues that may come up. I have never work in a classroom experience like this before. I have traveled alone in exchange programs before, but never something like this class. I am excited for what the future holds.  I think some similarities that all of us have is we are all very busy! We all have a million other things to do, but we are all in this class because we want to be. We find this topic of Globalization interesting and we want to learn more about it.  Another similarity is we are all motivated to do well and learn more about the people on our teams.  I think one difference between us is our ages. We are all on very different paths right now and so that will be a challenge to overcome.

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