Team 3  Game of Phones


Meeting times: Wednesday 15:30 (NL).


Meeting Times: Wednesday 9:30 (ET)


Mediums: WhatsApp, and Skype.


TEAM CHALLENGE: Start this discussion by sharing your own daily schedule with team mates as well as any travel plans or big life events you have for the coming semester. Come up with a way you can all share responsibility for keeping track of “mutual knowledge.” Make a schedule and rotate responsibility! #1. How can your team schedule regular communications to develop “mutual knowledge”?


  • Barbara
    • Major: Biology and Psychology
    • Job at Career Services Center (Tuesdays and Fridays till 5pm)
    • Tutoring biology and math (Wednesdays afternoon, Saturday mornings)
    • Night microbiology labs till 9pm (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
    • Volunteering at Vegan events (2-3 a month, usually planned way ahead so I will let you know if it collides with anything)
    • Swimming (Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays early mornings)
  • Maia
    • Major: Biochemistry
    • I play soccer for MU (games Wednesdays, Saturdays, and sometimes Friday) (and Sunday study hall 5-7)
    • I live on campus so I have no life
  • Natasha
    • Major: Nursing (at the moment working on quantified self for my 6 months research). Tuesday the whole day class
    • 2 side jobs as a healthcare assistant (mostly during the weekends)
    • Two projects for the honours programme (transplantlines & working on a dialysis centre to improve the care). This is from monday – friday on different hours.
    • I’m a commuter (1.30 hour train and bus to get to school)
    • From october 17th – november 4th I’ll be in Canada (Montreal), but I am able to skype and just work from there.
  • Gaspar:

Major: Game design & development

Mon – Fri: 9:00 – 17:00 internship work (expect Wed. 8:30 – 15:00)

Thursday: 19:00 – 22:00 board game club

Mon – Fri: 7:45 – 8:30 Swimming

  • Grace Allen:
    • Major: Interior Design
    • Job I work every Saturday, I babysit a lot.
    • I have a lot of Studio class work, might affect communication.
    • I’m a commuter. Only a 15 mins walk from main campus.
    • I have some class field trips dates vary.


TEAM CHALLENGE: Discuss how different communication technologies (including social media) might work best for collaboration. For example, when is using email better than Facebook? When would it be important to connect face-to-face with team members (Skype or Google Hangout) rather than simply share content per se (email)? #2. Which mediums will you us to communicate time sensitive “important” information?


  • Meet face to face at least once a week, most likely during meeting times (Wednesday). Medium to talk face to face, Skype.
  • For none face to face communication use WhatsApp.
  • Work on project through Google Docs.
  • Communication for sensitive and/or private information use separate conversation on WhatsApp.


TEAM CHALLENGE: Discuss each item on the list above to map the contextual factors that could influence your collaboration this semester. For example, does everyone have reliable internet access at home or only from your campus? Write down this information on your team page, so it is accessible to all team members. #3. What contextual information influences your team members’ ability to work on


  • Four of Five members are commuters.
  • All have reliable internet access from home and campus.



Make a list of all the ways this type of “silence” could be interpreted. Do you notice any patterns in your explanations? #4. As a team, make a list of the guidelines you will follow when working together.


  • Always response to people even if it is just acknowledging that they said something.
  • Respond at a reasonable speed, do not wait!
  • Latest response 2 days.


TEAM CHALLENGE: Using our first class session last week as the basis for discussion, how might you let one another know there is a need for troubleshooting? #5. How will you handle a lack of communication – no response, no shows?

  • Also be aware and accommodating of people schedules.
  • Assume that the person will response as soon as he or she can.
  • Do Not wait more than 2 days to respond.
  • Always let Team Members know that you might be late or if you cannot come.
  • If there is still no communication after 2 days then we send a search party out for them. Just kidding 😉


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