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Final Timeline

December 12, 2018 | Leave a Comment Timeline


December 5, 2018 | 1 Comment 2020 – Time record for the marathon will be below h 2.00 2020 – Immigration laws will get stricter Evidence presented today based off behaviors   2020 – Immigration system for international students changes More regulation that allows more travel between countries for students 2025 – Loss of personal privacy due to increase of […]

How has the introduction of transportation helped facilitate the spread of culture in these communities?   How have the types of restaurants and stores in these areas contributed to the people living here?   What evidence of globalisation is present in the advertisement in both communities?

Works Cited: Written Draft of Definition and Timeline:  

The Globalization Timeline

Team Anime Contract

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Team 2- Team Anime

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Team Anime is going to send our individual schedules to each other via email. This way we can have a “mutual knowledge” of our teammates daily lives, and communicate through WhatsApp to text daily. We also plan to FaceTime every class day, and on the weekend we plan to video chat due to availability. Our […]

Hello world!

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