Team 2- Team Anime

September 13, 2018 | Leave a Comment

  1. Team Anime is going to send our individual schedules to each other via email. This way we can have a “mutual knowledge” of our teammates daily lives, and communicate through WhatsApp to text daily. We also plan to FaceTime every class day, and on the weekend we plan to video chat due to availability.
  2. Our team found it best to video call and have face to face connection through FaceTime. We also will use WhatsApp to text and frequently check up. If there is important information needed to be conveyed, hopefully it can all be done during our face to face contact. However, email will most likely be used for “important” information.
  3. Obviously distance is the biggest factor. We can not control the time difference, the internet connections, or people’s busy schedule. However, we will all be adaptable to change and patient with the outside factors. We’ve already discovered FaceTime gives us the best communication, and WhatsApp is the easiest to chat.
  4. Team Anime has already build a close relationship. We all are very committed to working hard snd continuing to strengthen our relationships. Some of the guidelines we have are being fully engaged, communicating very often, staying present and focused, and ultimately having fun.
  5. If there’s a lack of communication, it’s important to first directly send some sort of message out to the person one on one. However, if there’s still no response, as a team we should be able to go to other teammates to help assess the situation and talk to the individual who is silenced.
  6. Team Anime!!!!

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