Final Timeline

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Digital Presentation

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2020 – Time record for the marathon will be below h 2.00

2020 – Immigration laws will get stricter

  • Evidence presented today based off behaviors  

2020 – Immigration system for international students changes

  • More regulation that allows more travel between countries for students

2025 – Loss of personal privacy due to increase of government surveillance and social media

2025 – Globally Marijuana is accepted as medical treatment worldwide

2028 – More sustainable gas alternatives will be widespread

  • Battery, natural gas, etc.

2028 – Poaching of wild animals is stopped

2030 – Highly specialized robots able to perform impossible surgeries for humans

2030 – Everybody will speak at least two languages

2030 – Employment will decrease for blue collared workers

2033 – A farming revolution will occur

2035 – New medical care system will be implemented

  • Wider access to healthcare for poor people

2035 – More regulation on food chains (like McDonalds) so that junk food would not be on the market anymore, presented with healthier options  

2035 – Reduction of factory farming and better regulations for slaughterhouses

2035 – Climate change will be a more pressing issue

more natural disasters; Total melting of polar ice caps causing worldwide flooding

2035 – As result of climate change, new diseases/illnesses will develop

2040 – New payment methods: Paper money (and coins etc.) will be replaced.  

  • Everything will be paid digitally or card

2040 -Total change in the education system

  • No more books are used at school, but only ipads or other technological devices for private and well funded schools

2040 – Water sources available for all the countries in the world

2040 – Literacy levels increased worldwide (hence girls would attend school to higher levels as they are not expected to attend to house chores as well as boys aren’t required to drop out to seek jobs to help provide for their family.)

2040 – English will no longer be the most spoken language or “global language”

2050 – Safer world, better judiciary and police enforcement systems,no violence (acceptance of diversity and respect for other living beings)

2050 – Change in political voting structure




  1. How has the introduction of transportation helped facilitate the spread of culture in these communities?


  1. How have the types of restaurants and stores in these areas contributed to the people living here?


  1. What evidence of globalisation is present in the advertisement in both communities?

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Written Draft of Definition and Timeline:


The Globalization Timeline

Team Anime Contract

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Team 2- Team Anime

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  1. Team Anime is going to send our individual schedules to each other via email. This way we can have a “mutual knowledge” of our teammates daily lives, and communicate through WhatsApp to text daily. We also plan to FaceTime every class day, and on the weekend we plan to video chat due to availability.
  2. Our team found it best to video call and have face to face connection through FaceTime. We also will use WhatsApp to text and frequently check up. If there is important information needed to be conveyed, hopefully it can all be done during our face to face contact. However, email will most likely be used for “important” information.
  3. Obviously distance is the biggest factor. We can not control the time difference, the internet connections, or people’s busy schedule. However, we will all be adaptable to change and patient with the outside factors. We’ve already discovered FaceTime gives us the best communication, and WhatsApp is the easiest to chat.
  4. Team Anime has already build a close relationship. We all are very committed to working hard snd continuing to strengthen our relationships. Some of the guidelines we have are being fully engaged, communicating very often, staying present and focused, and ultimately having fun.
  5. If there’s a lack of communication, it’s important to first directly send some sort of message out to the person one on one. However, if there’s still no response, as a team we should be able to go to other teammates to help assess the situation and talk to the individual who is silenced.
  6. Team Anime!!!!

Hello world!

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