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For those of you who don’t know yet, Springfield Mall has be reoppened and revamped into Springfield Town Center! On opening day this last week, individuals came from all over to see the new “mall” in all it’s glory. Although I did not go see it when it first opened I have been inside and WOW it sure is pretty. New stone floors, working escalators, and even a beautiful main entrance stair case with side escalators to embellish the front of the Town Center. Going inside I realized that many of the stores were the same as they had been 5 years ago. That was the last time I can remember being in the then Springfield Mall. With some exceptions, the masterminds have brought in some newer and higher class stores such as Michael Kors, Pandora, and J.Crew and even new restaurants such as Maggiano’s Little Italy, Chuy’s, and Yard House.

The creators have done an excellent job at trying to draw all crowds into the area however they are not just changing the Mall into the new Springfield Town Center. More plans are underway to build office buildings, hotels, and more! Below is a proposed image of what else is to come of those far empty parking spaces. I would highly encourage those to venture to see Springfield Town Center, it is the perfect place to go on days like this. Wheather you are window shopping, eating, or just relaxing, it provides all those atmospheres under one roof.


-Christine Hamrick

Attention Graduate Students!

Want to get more involved on campus?

Want to boost you resume with a meaningful position?

The Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity has openings to join the Academic Integrity Panel. Our ideal student panelists are dedicated, critical thinkers who can take the Academic Integrity (AI) policy and consider its application in a wide variety of scenarios. We are particularly interested in recruiting students who are not afraid to ask direct questions of their peers. Graduate students and are required to have a minimum 2.5 GPA (undergraduate) or 3.5 GPA (graduate) and have no academic integrity policy violations. Applicants are required to submit the application with a short recommendation and will be scheduled for a brief interview with members of the Academic Integrity Committee after submitting.

Student Panelist Application

Deadline: Submit Applications to by November 17th


I have been living in Arlington for almost 2 months, and I finally stayed in the area for a weekend. Friday was a laid back night at Applebee’s in Falls Church. My friends and I didn’t want to do anything too crazy because we had to get up early the next morning. My friends insisted to drive in to DC, and that was not the best idea. We were a little lucky because we picked up our one friend that lives in DC. I found out a DC resident can go to the police station and get a visitor parking pass that is valid for 14 days. This really helped with finding somewhere reliable to park, the only downfall was it was a long process.

I have been to DC many times, but it was beautiful day to walk around. After some walking it was time for some food to refuel for the night. My friends and I ate at Farmers Fishers Bakers in the Georgetown Waterfront. I highly recommend the onion rings, and chicken salad club sandwich. The prices aren’t bad and the food is delicious.

That night we took the metro from Foggy Bottom over to the King Street station in Alexandria. At the station we took the trolley, and besides being a cute/historical form of transportation, it was free! The trolley dropped us off at the marina, and we boarded the Miss Christine.

DC Social Sports was hosting a halloween party, and it took us around the Potomac River. It was 3 fun hours with a DJ and an open bar. A word of advice, if you plan to do this next year wear very warm clothes. It was very cold that night, and the upstairs is open and downstairs had open windows. The boat party was great, and I suggest looking at the DC Social Sport’s website next year for the Costumer party on the boat.

I had a great weekend and I am happy that I have learned what transportation to use besides my car. The metro system, Uber, and Lyft are affordable and easy to do. Do some research online about what to do around the area, there is a lot you can find there. After this past weekend I look forward to exploring Arlington and DC a lot more!

Go out, explore, and have fun!
– Jessica

It’s that time  of the semester again! Registration period is coming up and it’s time to scramble and find the perfect classes for you to take the next semester. Making sure you have time for leisure activities and not overbooking yourself. Making sure that you can work as well as get to school on time.

Times like these are very stressful because classes are gone fast! I am currently trying to decide if I want to do only two classes a day or not. It sounds perfect, but being in a classroom for 6 hours can take the life out of you haha. I wish there was an online portion for the classes that aren’t practical but more so reading only if that makes sense.  Registration starts on Sunday night/Monday morning at 12:00 am for graduate students and I believe sports players. After that, I believe for underclassmen, registration is one week after each other. So Seniors register a week after grad students and so on.

Have you chosen your perfect schedule yet?

Good luck on registration!


Brae Salmond

Superhero, cartoon character, famous athlete…Have you thoguht about a costume for Halloween? Costumes have begun to go on sale however who wants to pay $40-$50 for a costume? Not a graduate school student! Instead I recommend making your own costume by visiting thrift stores, arts and craft stores such as Michaels, and even the dollar store can have something your costume may need. Face painting has become a larger fenomena over the years which has also been know to be on the cheaper side.

Still not convinced about making your own costume? Here are a couple of links that can prove anyone can make their own costume as long as you get creative and have fun with it! Halloween is a about 2 weeks away so it’s about time to start thinking of someone or something else you want to be other then yourself for one day out of the entire year!

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