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Home sweet home.

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Chances are you are probably not from the great Northern Virginia area.  Wherever you are, I bet there is a restaurant somewhere in the DMV area that takes you home.

After much searching, that place for me is: Hill Country Barbecue.  Location? Chinatown–the closest Metro stops are Gallery-Place/Chinatown & Archives.

They have Shiner Bock (beer made in the great state of Texas), the best smoked brisket, sweet tea, and most importantly, Blue Bell ice cream.  For those of you who haven’t had Blue Bell ice cream, my sincerest condolences.  It’s an amazing Texan delicacy and life changing.  Word on the street is it’s making it’s way up the coast.  Until that day, you’ll have to go to Hill Country BBQ to see for yourself.


What restaurant takes you home?  My friends from NOLA say Bayou Bakery is pretty spectacularly nostalgic.

For the love of BBQ spare ribs.


Busy & Hungry

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If you’re like me, you know that being a busy graduate student means being hungry.  All of the time.

In terms of busyness and hunger, my worst days happen to the beloved “Hump Day.”  On Wednesdays, I am at work and school for 13 hours straight.  I pretty much pack all 3 meals for the day into my lunch box, because we also know that being a busy graduate student means being poor.

Allow me to introduce you to my newest hunger-saver: the green smoothie.  It is a gift to all graduate students.  Consume daily at breakfast to keep yourself energized and full until meal #2!

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest (who doesn’t?) looking for various green smoothie recipes until I found the secret formula from Popsugar:


Need to save even more time?  Pack all of your green smoothie combos in a sandwich bag on the weekend and store in the freezer.  Take out right when you wake up in the morning to let thaw a little before blending!  Enjoy.

For love of kale, when it doesn’t take like kale.


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I am in love with Hawaii.  Honestly, the most beautiful place I have ever seen!

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Last semester I had the chance to take part in a new mentorship program offered through Marymount’s Cybersecurity program.  The university worked with the Northern Virginia chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) to provide mentors for students.  ISSA is a group of information security professionals that come together to discuss issues facing the industry.  The Northern Virginia Chapter is the largest in the world and they have monthly meetings across Northern Virginia.

The organization provided volunteer mentors to be paired with cybersecurity students and held a kick off meeting and dinner.  All of the mentors are professionals that have careers in information security.  While each paring needed to have a few scheduled meetings, it was very unstructured and left up to the pairs to set their own agendas.  The pairs were to get to know each other and interact where and how they were comfortable.   The goal was for the mentors to share knowledge, experience, and advice on how to shape a career in information security.  I found my experience to be very beneficial and continue to schedule meetings with my mentor.  His insight and advice have already proven useful in my career.  I appreciate ISSA’s generosity and I hope that Marymount and ISSA continue this program and would recommend it to any of the students in the Cybersecurity program.


So I am a HUGE fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead (if you haven’t seen it you should totally jump on the bandwagon!) and in honor of the season finale that is happening this Sunday, I have decided to share a few tips on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

1) Create an emergency plan with your family. Have two meeting spots picked out, one that is close to your home and one a bit further away, just in case. Be sure to also make sure all family members know how to get to these meeting places as well.

2) Prepare an emergency kits with items such as water and food, medicine, sanitation and hygiene supplies, etc. Be sure to also pack extra clothes for each family member (don’t forget about things like socks and underwear!) I would also like to share that this is where the zombies would get me. I am extremely reliant on my contacts/glasses, and there is no way I could have a large enough supply to survive in n emergency like this!

3) Stay informed. Make sure to watch or listen to the news to be up to date on what is happening. Emergency Broadcasts can give you information on safe areas and supply survivors with suggestions on how to survive.

4) Avoid heavily populated areas. If the zombie apocalypse turns out to be caused by disease, big cities with large populations can turn out to be a disaster versus a safe haven.

5) At the same time, avoid areas of complete isolation. If a herd of zombies appear, you don’t want to have to deal with it all on your own.

6) Learn how to defend yourself. While you might think that a gun is your best option, ammo only lasts for so long. Additionally, according to TWD, zombies are attracted to sound. Using a gun to kill one zombie may quickly make more come your way. A knife or machete may be harder to come by, but a better choice in the long run.

7) Be aware of fellow survivors. While zombies should be your main concern, survivors have potential to be the biggest threat. Never expose all of your supplies to survivors that you aren’t familiar with, as this could put a target on your back. Be cautious of other’s mindsets as well- psychological well being can go downhill fast in situations like a zombie apocalypse.

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