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New School, New Life

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Hello all! It is my 4th week living in Arlington and I am finally beginning to adjust. I just spent most of my summer in North Carolina living with my parents and another part of my summer traveling. At first it was hard to adjust living some where new, and then it became very difficult because I got sick and I was alone!

I was nervous for my classes thinking they were going to be extremely difficult. I thought the professors were going to be really strict, but it turned out to be the opposite. My professors are all great and there was nothing to be afraid of. I am excited for this semester because I find all my classes very interesting. In undergrad my major was psychology, and I did not have the opportunity to take a counseling course.

Going into my 4th week of living in Arlington I can finally say I am extremely happy with where my life is going. Being sick for my first weeks here made the transition more difficult, but now I am appreciating everything around me. I have no stayed here for a weekend yet, because I have been traveling around. In the weekends to come I am excited to take the time to explore the area, and to meet new people.

Stayed tuned to see how my life in Arlington begins to unfold!



Hello All!

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My name is Brae Salmond and I am in the Clinical Mental Health Program here at Marymount University. I graduated from Valdosta State University in Valdosta, GA on December 7th 2013.  I came to Marymount because I loved the Washington DC area and plus being from New Jersey I love having different things to do and being in the city. So far, it has been 3 weeks since the program started and I am loving every day of it. It was rough getting back into the swing of things but I am slowly but surely getting back into it lol.  I love all the classes I have for this semester. I tend to be in Ballston campus a lot so if you see me you can say hi. I don’t bite lol.

Out and About

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For those of you who aren’t watching the Redskins game it’s a gorgeous day to get out and explore the Metropolitan area! Old Town, Alexandria, is a great place to be around friendly people, tasteful food and beautiful scenery of the Potomac River looking over to Georgetown. This weekend they have shut down King Street and those around it in order to hold their Annual Art Festival. Street artists come to show their talents to the community where you can purchase some of their art paintings as well.

Living so close I am there quite frequently and I can say it is a classic old time town that still produces it’s beauty from way back when. The atmoshpere creates the community and welcomes all to see what it has to offer. It’s a great outdoor activity and one of just a few places the DMV has to offer when it comes to historic and beautiful places!

12th Annual Alexandria King Street Art Festival


New Beginnings

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Well, it’s that time of year again! Summer ends, the pool closes and school begins again. I have to say getting back into the swing of things is THE most difficult thing for me after I have had a long relaxing summer. I recently graduated undergrad so one can only imagine my mind set going into the summer, I wanted it to stay forever!

Beginning graduate classes started out rough however not because the classes were super difficult. They are just like normal undergraduate courses, nothing scary! (For those thinking of pursuing undergraduate course work in the future) Marymount made the transition easier as I had to become accustomed to the mew systems Marymount uses. People are here to help so use them to answer any questions!




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Pumpkin spice is back! My first post as a Marymount glad student blogger and life indeed is busy. Aside from classes and working and whatever else we grad students do. I feel like we or at least me is living for the weekend. But the other elixir that is sure to keep me surviving this fall or at least the next couple weeks ‘til I get sick of it is …Pumpkin.


l<3 pumpkins

Starbucks, dunkin, target you name it the shelves are stocked with the sweet nectar that is pumpkin flavor. It’s only the first week of September and there should be some universal rule that no pumpkins before Labor Day. Regardless it’s here and out in full force. As an education student all my classes are at night those cool walks in the dark back to the parking garage is perfectly complimented with the last few slips of my once warm pumpkin latte. My wonderful roomates welcome me home with ice cold pumpkin beer ;)

I don’t know if I’m wish full thinking for the leaves to change or what but fall is coming and I can smell it in the form of pumpkin. Less than two months ‘til Halloween. I can only hope my work load will lighten up so I can enjoy the fall without thinking only of homework, papers, and my long lists of errands to run and endless bills to pay. While it’s only the 3rd week of classes fall break is right around the corner. This college thing is harder than I remember. We are no longer irresponsible undergrads we have evolved. Teachers expect more, we pay attention, participate, make meaningful contributions, connections and relationships. We work hard. We are in our element which makes it worth it. These jack-o-lanterns aren’t mocking us they are cheering us on.


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