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In the midst of agonizing over my final grade in a very tough class. I attended a local church play. I was skeptical at first that it would be like the other plays I’d seen. It’s not to say the plays I’ve attended were bad they were predictable. Simple props and good lines! However, I was pleasantly surprised. The play ‘The Living Tree’ (I may have left out a word in the title) was the best church play I’ve seen. It was a production at First Baptist Church in Alexandria VA. Members of the church were the cast and crew. There was even a band and orchestra. All were members of the church.

And at center stage was a huge Christmas tree. The tree had twelve tiers and reached practically to the ceiling. It was decorated with lights, bows, and bells. It was gorgeous :) What’s most amazing is the choir sang from the tiers. I thought it was so cute. If you are in the area next Christmas season you should definitely visit. But get there early because it fills up quick.

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All I can say is YAY! Finals are over and now it’s time to relax! I can’t believe this semester flew by! I am very happy finals are over. I feel like I was not myself for two weeks, because all I did was study, eat, and sleep. Wednesday of last week was my last final, and right before it I thought I would treat myself for getting through 2 weeks of studying. I reviewed one last time in the morning, and then I bought some sushi, Starbucks, and went to the gym. All three were perfect ways to get myself ready for my last final. I tried very hard throughout the semester, and I wanted to make sure I would not mess it up at the end. I am very proud of myself for working hard all the way until the end. Today I started to get my grades back, and I can proudly say this has been one of the best semester I’ve ever had! Congratulations to everyone for getting through the seamster. Make sure to enjoy the holiday season, and rest up before another busy semester begins!

Happy Holidays!
xo Jessica

I cannot believe I am finished with my first semester of grad school!
Thank goodness! I am so ready to enjoy the holiday! I feel so relieved I don’t have to worry about homework assignments. It just feels great. I have so much time and freedom. I have so much Christmas shopping to do. I don’t know about you but finals week was rough. Also, I some how rocked them. Its a different feeling than undergrad and finishing finals. I feel like we have more ownership of our work cause we are a grad students; we are the next level. I’m feeling pretty good about this month off my friends have missed me. I think after  finishing this first semester, the rest will be a piece of cake, jk. But they at least won’t be new and scary just one more part of our busy lives.girl with raised hands and broken chains

First semester of graduate school is a success!!!! 1 down may more years to go hahaha. I am so happy that for a month now I will not have to worry about papers or assignments. I am anxious to get my finals grades though. I keep checking Marynet even though I know it is not on there yet. It feels kind of surreal though because it went by so fast.  I sometimes feel like I still have to come to class next week. It was like yesterday when I was invited for the interview here at Marymount. Then finding out I was accepted and coming to the orientation and meeting new people. My first semester was a little difficult. I found it difficult to get back into my groove after taking a hiatus for 8 months. I procrastinated way too much this semester.  Now that I know how graduate school is, I can plan efficiently on how to study and manage my time better.

Next semester will be much better!

I hope you all have a fun and safe break!

Happy Holidays!



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It is finally here. Finals time. I am so glad to be done with this semester. This is my first semester at Marymount and I was so stressed. I have only been out of school for 8 months, but those 8 months took me out of my loop. I have never procrastinated so much after being out of school for that long. Also I have started working and going to school full time for the first time. Never have I done that before and it is exhausting!! I have three finals that I have to study for and it is not a cakewalk. The only positive thing is that I have high A’s in all 3 of my classes right now so I have some wiggle room. That do not mean that I should not study hard though for them. You just never know how hard the teacher will make the finals. My finals are also back to back Monday-Wednesday. That is not fun. I am going to be burned out after this. At least after my last final on Wednesday, friends and I are going to the bar and celebrate that the semester is finally over. Yay!!!!!!!!!!


Good luck with your finals this semester and may the curve be with you :D


– Brae

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