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Time Shock

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I have been a graduate student at Marymount for three and a half years; long enough that little here should surprise me. Here we are, entering the final stretch, at the end of the semester and I am shocked. I am shocked that my classes are almost over. It seems to sneak up on me every time. It feels like I just got into the swing of my classes, made some new friends, learned a few new things, and just like that it will all be over.

Perhaps, it is that as I get older a sixteen week semester represents less of my life. Perhaps, it is that it takes most of the semester for me to gain a mastery of each new course and that is when I feel comfortable. Perhaps instead, I picked my program and courses well to the point that I do not want to let go of them. Soon it will all be just a memory and I will be on to next semester’s challenges.

Either way, I have procrastinated long enough on writing my final papers.

-Chris M.

Hey ya’ll happy almost thanksgiving, I don’t know about you but I am swamped with papers due tonight. And I have projects and presentations due right when we get back from Thanksgiving vacation. Needless to say I’ll be super stressed over the holiday :(.
But, from countless hours of me staring at my computer and researching research I have found, Taylor Swift is my best friend. All I want to do is just sit on my computer for ten hours and blast Taylor while I type and sing my blues away. I skipped 2 friendsgivings and I even said no to a mall trip with my sister, who’s back from college. I don’t know if it works but I sure don’t feel alone. I still have loads of work to do such as mindlessly put together powerpoint presentations, write pages on pages of reflections,and start thinking about final exams. She is a beast. She rocked the AMAs and her new album 1989 has taken over my life. She sings her way through everything. Hopefully I can harness her beautiful crazy and take that energy and be productive.

Gobble Gobble,


I have to admit writing has always been a chore for me. If I’m genuinely interested in subject and well versed in the topic, the words will flow like a river. Otherwise, I’m sitting at the computer staring and hoping that inspiration hits me at one point or another. I’ve come very close to missing deadlines and had some very late nights which actually resulted in very good work I might add. However, while working on my latest assignment I seemed to forget the one thing that’s helped me with this very thing. A simple pen and paper! Writing my thoughts in its raw form; having a personal brainstorming session on the sheet complete with arrows and stars to dictate the flow. This has worked for me so well in the past. I’m not sure why I deviated from this method. I could definitely have saved a lot of time and likely completed the assignment a lot sooner.

However, I also tapped into a new method, that combined with my old method, will likely work for me during this program. It didn’t cost me anything. Just a simple download from the Playstore, a voice recorder. I spent several minutes talking out the points I wanted to make, asking questions that my reader would want to know and I came up with much more “meat” than I had just 2 minutes before. Its funny how these discoveries come about.

In the future, I’ll likely take advantage of the writing lab as well. It definitely couldn’t hurt :)



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You know what grinds my gears? Traffic. I hate traffic so much. It is so annoying. I hate when  I leave extra early to get to school or to work and there’s traffic that just comes from nowhere. For example, I was driving to get on campus and I left about 4 hours early just so I can get on campus to get some work done and BAM! there was traffic. Where I always catch traffic at is on Route 7. Every time I hit Tyson’s Corner I always get stuck. You would think since Route 7 is such a busy street the lights would stay green longer but nope. Then there is so many lights in Tyson’s Corner that you always get caught. Whenever one turn green, another turns yellow then red. It happens to me every single time I travel to campus. I was thinking of buying an EZ Pass just so I could get on the toll roads so I could zoom on by. I also catch traffic on 66. I swear construction teams tends to do construction during the worst possible times ever and they just back everything up and screw up the flow of traffic.

I have taken the silver line so I could get out of traffic, but sometimes  the trains or buses do not get to the destination on time and plus since it overlaps with the orange line, the train has to stop at times in order for the orange line to get to the destination first.

How do you feel about traffic?




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Just one more week and we all will be sitting down with our families and stuffing our faces with delicious foods and eating all of the pies and other sweets we can imagine. Well some of us will be doing this. Some of us will be working because we either work in retail or any other jobs who do not believe in taking days off. I work at JcPenney so I just found out that I am working on Black Friday and I am not ready for that at all. I can only imagine how hectic it is going to be when the time comes. It is already hectic now and it is not even near the holiday seasons.

In a perfect world, I would love to be sitting down and just catching up on my shows and eat a delicious home cooked meal, but I have to work because people want to shop, then return it then shop some more.


What are some of your plans this holiday season? Any of you guys are going home to wherever you’re from or will you be spending time at your own place and having your own Thanksgiving?

P.S. The semester will be ending 2 weeks after our break. AREN’T YOU ALL EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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