Since 2011 hundreds of Marymount students have participated in Global Classroom Series programs all over the world to explore their coursework in a global perspective including Business (Panama & India), Entrepreneurship (Estonia & Slovenia), Fashion (France), Interior Design (Italy), Sociology (France and The Netherlands), Theology (Italy) and Writing (Spain).

Global Classroom Series courses are taught at Marymount throughout the spring semester and include a one-week international field experience during spring break.

Student Blogs

Jabriel’s Blog

Entrepreneurship By: Jabriel M. Hasan Entrepreneurship requires a spirit of courage and risk.  Our class trip to Estonia embodied that spirit.  I was confronted with a world apart from the one I had known, and challenged with a newfound sense of independence.  The trip itself encouraged me to develop a broader, more global perspective, to recognize […]

Faithe’s Blog

My Time in Eestii In the spring of 2014 I made the big decision to step out of my academic concentration to learn about Entrepreneurship. Of course, one of the Global Classroom Series going abroad for Spring Break was my class. Our destination was to a country that not many people know of– Estonia, or […]

Maya’s Blog

One Week in Paris By Maya Shaw My name is Maya Shaw and I am a fashion design major, class of 2015! My global classroom took a trip to Paris, France for our Survey of Fashion course that is a requirement for fashion design and merchandising majors. Fashion has been my life since I can […]

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