Ethelbert Miller Lecture Series: Langston Hughes


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Homecoming Weekend: Come Visit the Department on Saturday, September 24.


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First Event of the Fall Semester:


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Congratulations to……

  • Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.39.04 PMDr. Amy Scott-Douglass, who received the Draghi Outstanding Faculty Award at this year’s Recognition Day Awards Ceremony. The award is given to one faculty member each year, selected by graduating seniors.

  • Dr. Katie Peebles, who was awarded tenure and promotion to Associate Professor.

  • Dr. Lucille Guss who retired after ogussver 20 years of  dedicated service to Marymount students, both as a faculty member in the Department of Literature and Languages and as director of the Liberal Studies Program.

  • Amanda Bourne,  graduating senior, who received The Mother Butler Gold Medal, awarded to the one undergraduate student who has exemplified the greatest devotion to the ideals of Marymount University. She also IMG_0845received a Senior Leadership Award and was recognized as the English department’s Outstanding Undergraduate at this year’s Recognition Day Awards Ceremony. 

    Amanda presented “Imagining the Artist: Images of Virginia Woolf in Postmodern Narratives” at the regional Virginia Humanities Conference on April 30, 2016, and will give the talk again at the International Annual Virginia Woolf Conference at Leeds Trinity University, June 16-19, 2016.

  • Adrienne West, who received a Senior Leadership Award at this year’s Recognition Day Awards Ceremony. Adrienne served as editor of Marymount’s newspaper, The Banner, and as president of our Veterans’ Association, among other contributions to the university. She recently completed a prestigious internship at Northern Virginia Magazine, where she wrote over 20 articles, many for the magazine’s website, and several for its print issues.

  • Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 9.37.59 PMHope Davis,  who  received a Senior Leadership Award at this year’s Recognition Day Awards Ceremony for her work as  Secretary and Vice President of Marymount Actors’ Guild and  her many roles on the Marymount stage. She also worked as a Peer Mentor and was a writer for the campus newspaper, The Banner.

  • Richard Henkle, this year’s winner of the Sean Hoare Travel Award,  who presented his original short fiction work titled “This Isn’t For You,” at the 2016 Sigma Tau Delta National Conference in Minneapolis this March. He also served as our chapter representative to Sigma Tau Delta, and attended the business meetings on behalf of Marymount University at the conference.

  • Elizabeth Ricketts, this year’s outstanding graduate student in English and Humanities, who  has presented her scholarship at prestigious professional academic venues and conferences, including Georgetown University, the Virginia Humanities Conference, and the American ConferenceIMG_0821 for Irish Studies. This spring, she will return to the American Conference for Irish Studies (at Notre Dame this year) to present a paper on Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” that resulted from an independent study with Dr. Tonya Howe. In Fall 2016, she will begin her doctoral studies at Florida State University. She has been admitted and awarded a graduate teaching assistant, with full funding and a stipend.

  • Moani Lum, whose  paper on Steinbeck’s use of Milton’s Paradise Lost in the descriptions of Oklahoma in The Grapes of Wrath was accepted for presentation at the International Steinbeck conference at San Jose State University this May.

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End of Year Happenings

The Marymount English department had a busy month!

  • On April 26, the English department hosted speaker Dr. Alok Yadav. Dr. Yadav, an English professor at George Mason University, discussed differences in the ways that 18th century readers and contemporary readers interact with novels. The informative talk paired nicely with Dr. Tonya Howe’s class, “Origins of the Novel,” covering much of the same literature as was discussed in the classroom (Samuel Richardson’s Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded, Daniel Defoe’s Roxana, and Frances Burney’s Evelina, to name a few).
  • 251f3253-9868-4cba-9c90-939758777605Dr. Katie Peebles and Prof. Andrew Bowen, took this semester’s Spanish classes on an outing to SER (simple. easy. real.) in downtown Arlington.
  • Dr. Sarah Ficke’s class worked on the English Department’s main bulletin board. Dr. Ficke says, “I assigned this project to the class because this spring was Charlotte Brontë’s 200th birthday (April 21st),  and Brontë fans bronte-bulletin-board-spring-2016_26560256630_oand scholars around the world are celebrating her life and achievements, as well as the lives and achievements of her younger sisters, Emily and Anne. I wanted the students to bring that celebration to the Marymount community.”


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